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PSLE Math Heuristics Problem Solving Class

Discover our unique PSLE Math Heuristics Problem Solving Programme that have helped thousands of students to achieve better grades for school exams and PSLE. 

Primary 5 PSM

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Helping our children to
RE-DISCOVER their love for Math 

Did your know?


Did you know? Our students topped their P6 math school exams in Gongshang Pri Sch (2018) and Yumin Pri Sch (2019) - both with a perfect score of 100/100 with more than 80% scoring A or A* distinctions for prelim exams & PSLE !!!....

Since 1997, our 'PSLE HEURISTICS MATH PROBLEM SOLVING CLASS' (For P3 to P6) has helped thousands of struggling students gaining back their confidence to solve exam-based problem sums through our unique math heuristics techniques....... The results? They JUMP GRADES, of course !!!!........

Sounds WOW right.......?  If your child is always experiencing difficulties to score points for that last few problem sums for their test & exams, perhaps it is time to let them try this unique learning experience before the school exams or PSLE

Top in Math

Top in P6 Math

Gongshang Pri Sch - 2018 

Achieved a 100/100

perfect score in P6 Prelims Math Exam 2018

Chloe - Gongshang Pri Sch

PSLE Heuristic Math Student

"PSLE is around the corner.

Is your child ready for the challenge?" 

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Giving up Psle.jpg

1. Your child asked you for help with their math questions, especially those tough problem sums.

You wanted to help but you have no idea how to even start. The questions don’t really make sense to you most of the time. “Shouldn’t she be improving after all the math tuition you have paid for?” Their incomplete homework just piled up and you feel helpless.

2. You see little or no improvement in their grades after having sent them to many tuition classes.

The problem sums become harder and they have difficulty catching up.

This has made them afraid of the subject or even hate it. Nothing seems to work and there’s nothing you can do.

3. Your child has no or little interest in solving problem sums and you feel frustrated.

You hope your child can do their math homework by themselves without you nagging at them. It agitates you even more because it becomes a daily affair.

The tension between you and your child gradually built up as you feel burnt out after a long day in office, with very little patience left at the end of the day.

"How can Cleverand's PSLE Heuristic Problem Solving Math Programme help?" 

If you're looking for an effective way to boost your child's PSLE Math grade, why not consider our proven PSLE Math Heuristics Problem Solving programme?


We have specifically designed this programme to enhance your child's critical concepts needed for PSLE and to impart them the necessary technique and skills to solve PSLE Math questions effectively. 

You may ask is it guarantee success and my child will suddenly excel in Math? 

Well, the straight answer is "this is not a miracle class". However, this programme effectively helps students to quickly refresh their understanding in core concepts, techniques, tips and tricks for the various topics taught to our students in the regular classes which have been proven effective as shown in our student results.

psle certificate.jpg

Top in P6 Math 

Yumin Pri Sch - 2019 

Our student achieved a 100/100

perfect score in P6 SA1 Math Exam 2019

Tze Xuan - Yumin Pri Sch

PSLE Heuristic Math student

  PSLE A-Star Achiever  

 Pasir Ris Pri Sch - 2019 

Achieved A* grade for Math  

PSLE 2019

Simrah - Pasir Ris Pri Sch

PSLE Heuristic Math Student

Success cases

Chloe was in the Top Class in her primary school. However, she had kept missing by a few marks to an 'A' grade in her Pri 5 tests and examinations. Feeling a need for extra coaching, she enrolled into our PSLE Math Heuristics Problem Solving Class.  

To prep her for PSLE, she was taught the 12 Must-Know heuristics math techniques and other essential concepts. She started to realise that solving examination-based math problem sums can be done in a systematic way using the correct techniques and concepts taught in Cleverland.

Over the time, she got more and more confident and applying what she had learnt in Cleverland. For the first time, she had a perfect score 100 / 100 in her school preliminary math exams and went on scoring an A* in her PSLE examiniations!

"What will my child learn in this

PSLE Heuristic Problem Solving Math Programme? 

Cleverland PSLE Heuristic Problem Solving Math is a comprehensive all-year round math programme designed to help P3 to P6 pupils to cope well in their examination-based math problem sums by imparting them the necessary skills and techniques so that they can solve their math problem sums independently and confidently.     

PSLE Math Heuristics Exams.jpg

Introductory concepts to the Must-Know PSLE Techniques:


- Whole Numbers

- Fractions 

- Ratio

- Decimals

- Percentage



Effective use of Bar Modelling, Comparison Models, Before & After Models, Unit x Value Models, Changed Gaps Models, Simultaneous Concepts 

Applications to the Must-Know PSLE Techniques in:


- Whole Numbers

- Fractions 

- Ratio

- Decimals

- Percentage

- Speed

Alternative methodology for Advanced Bar Modelling, Comparison Models, Before & After Models, Unit x Value Models, Changed Gaps Models, Simultaneous Concepts 


Alternative Heuristic Problem Solving method to solve: 

- Algebra like a PRO 


- Using Line Modelling to

understand Speed

- Making Angles look easy!


- Pie Chart (Heuristics)


- Circles? Not a problem 


- Volume (Heuristics)

Non-routine heuristics Questions



How do I register for this programme?

PSLE Math Happy Students.jpg

Simply contact us via WhatsApp Admin: 85428688 

or call 67870562 (Tampines) / 63873633 (Hougang) 

Our friendly staff will assist you to attend to your enquiries /information you need.

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