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Parenting Workshop (For Parents)

Trainer's Profile

Hi, I’m Jasline Lock.

I have 16 years of parenting experience and a full time working mum to 2 happy and high achieving children studying in the Top 5 secondary schools in Singapore. I have learnt from many books, websites and from real life experiences that helped me to groom them to be where they are now. I’m happy to share these experiences with any parent who are out there wanting to take small steps to raising happy amazing children!

I will also share tips to help parents with strategies to help their children to develop a healthy mental being, self-esteem, as well as nurture their talents and bond easily with them!

During the course of my parenting experience as a busy mum, we need to be equipped with knowledge about food and nutrition so that we can gain health and feel more energised to deal with the everyday challenges of running the household. More importantly, we can be better equipped with knowledge to influence our children’s food habits for life! We will be then be empowered to have the means to improve our children’s health which is an integral part of raising happy and amazing children!

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Upcoming Parenting Workshop (2021)

(suitable for parents with Pri 3 to 6 children)


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For any assistance with regards to the parenting workshop, please contact: 


Tel: 6787 0562 (TAMPINES) / 8461 8901 (WhatsApp Admin)

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