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TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                 
1.             Fees


1.1           All fees paid are not refundable, nor transferable.


1.2           Payment by CASH or CHEQUE payable to ‘Cleverland Educational Services’ only.


1.3           Monthly tutorial fees are computed based on per month basis. Normal monthly tutorial fees apply irregardless of 3, 4 or 5 scheduled-lessons in a month due to public/centre holidays or a 5-weeks month. Students are subjected to full month tutorial fee payment even if they absent themselves from any scheduled-lesson/s for that month for whatsoever reason/s.


1.4           Tutorial fees for December &/or the first month of registration may be pro-rated accordingly if the commencement day is not on the first lesson of that particular month. No pro-rating of fees for all other reasons. Any pro-rating will be rounded off to the next higher dollar.


1.5           Subsequent monthly tutorial fees are due on the 28th day of a current month (i.e. - August Tutorial Fee is due and payable on the 28th of July). The Centre may suspend or terminate the service rendered to a student defaults payment for more than 7 days from the due date. 


1.6           Material fees are to be paid twice a year (once upon enrolment & in the month of June) for each enrolled subject irregardless of the commencement day. Upper Secondary Pure & Combined Science (Phy/Chem) will be considered as 2 subjects.


1.7           For the month of September, Primary 6 students will be billed 1.5 month tutorial fee (less deposit- for Primary 6 only) as there will be 2 additional lessons. All other students will be billed full month tutorial fee for October.


1.8           For Primary 6, Secondary 4E/4N/5N & JC 1 & 2 students, the deposit will automatically offset October fee. For all students in other levels who have completed the current tuition Course Year, the deposit will be automatically transferred to the new Course Year. Should a current student do not wish to continue in the new Course Year in 2015, a request for the deposit to be refunded must be submitted to the centre in writing before 30/11/2015. Deposit not collected within 3 months will be forfeited.


1.9           Unless tutorial lessons are conducted in November, there will be no charge for the month.


2.             Schedule Of Lessons


2.1           Tutorial lessons in Course Year 2015 – (1st Semester: 03/12/2014 to 28/05/2015) & (2nd Semester 03/06/2015 to 28/10/2015).


2.2           No lesson will be conducted on all public holidays, eves of Christmas Day, New Year Day & the eve, 1st, 2nd, 3rd day of Chinese New Year and during the Centre’s Mid-Year Semester Break (29/05/2015 – 02/06/2015). There will be no replacement of lessons or refund of fees for any lesson that falls on the above holidays.


2.3           Lessons in the month of May & October may be re-scheduled by our Centre due to students’ examinations. Re-scheduling of lessons is subject to availability of teachers & classrooms and should not be viewed as an obligation by the Centre.


2.4           Our Centre reserves the right to suspend or cancel any lesson due to unforeseen circumstances or for reasons beyond its control. In such event, there will be a make-up session scheduled by the Centre. However, the Centre may choose to make a pro-rated refund if the make-up session cannot be scheduled. 


3.             Absent From Scheduled Lessons


3.1           There will be no pro-rating of fees, refund or make-up session for any student who fails to attend any scheduled lesson in any Course Month for whatsoever reason.


3.2           For student who is certified medically unfit by a registered practitioner covering the day of scheduled lesson and is unable to attend the lesson, a replacement lesson may be scheduled for the student. However, if a replacement lesson cannot be re-scheduled, the Centre may rebate the student with a pro-rated fee and to be credited at the end of the 1st of 2nd Semester. A copy of the medical certificate must be presented as proof within 7 days from the date of absence. No other reasons will be accepted.


4.             Course Withdrawal Policy


4.1           At least 1 month (28 days) advance notice from the first lesson day of the following month must be given to the Centre in writing if a student wishes to withdraw from any course subject from the Centre. The standard ‘Request Form’ for withdrawal / transfer is available at our Reception Counters. All verbal notice will not be accepted. 


4.2           Deposit can only be used to offset against the tuition fee as long as at least 1 month advance notice for withdraw al is given to the centre.  


4.3           If less than 1-month notice is given to the Centre, full student deposit will be forfeited and the course fee of the following month will remain chargeable. If a student withdraws partially from a course subject but continue with other course subject with the Centre, a cancellation fee of $25 per course subject will be imposed and be deducted from the student deposit for insufficient notice given.


4.4           In any event that a student has been continuously absent for more than 2 weeks in a new Course Month and without informing the Centre, the student shall be deemed to have withdrawn without notice. As such, the student’s deposit will be forfeited automatically and any outstanding fee due for that month remains payable.


4.5           Any withdrawal notice given to the centre after 1 Sep to withdraw from Oct month will be deemed to be late for withdrawal & will not be accepted. As such, full Oct month fee together with any outstanding fee/s will remain payable. In the event of non-payment of Oct fee, students’ deposit will be treated as partial payment for Oct fee and any outstanding fees for Oct will remain payable.


4.6           Should a withdrawn student wish to enroll again in future, he/she will be considered as a new student. 


5.             Others


5.1           Parents of the registered student stated herein undertake to make good the Centre’s premises in the event of any mischief act, including vandalism caused by the student.


5.2           The Centre shall not be held liable for any accident or injury inflicted to the registered student whilst in any of our centre’s premises whether during or outside lesson time.

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